A piece of history. A Whole one.

A piece of history. A Whole one.



Obtained from a single block of Fossil Oak. On both sides polygonal shapes with a triangular base have been carved with a particular geometric rhythm, tighter in the center and gradually tapering with increasing angularity towards the end.
Precious Carrara marble inserts finish this unique piece, marrying perfectly with the Fossil Oak, which has been preserved intact for thousands of years in the ground that has protected it.


L330 x P42 x H47 cm

teúkhō polygon bench

Fossil Oak Bench

This is a unique piece that exhibits an exemplary design. The contrast between the modern carvings, which suggest contemporaneity, and the millenary nature of the wood base stimulate the arousal of incredible emotions.
The cracks and grooves created by the passing of time form unique designs and shapes that invite us to caress them. They moreover inspire us to use our imagination to travel back through time.

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