Contain the essential

Contain the essential



The structure and doors are made from Fossil Oak. Whereas the doors are constructed from solid wood, the structure consists of blockboard wood covered with thick lamellas. The triangular feet reflect the same design and size as the triangular doors. The shelf is 1cm thick tempered glass.
The oil finish is natural wax and water.


L 240 x P52 x H62 cm 4 doors
L180 x P52 x H 62 cm 3 doors

teúkhō  trigono cabinet

Fossil Oak Cabinet

Upon opening the doors the inside lights up.
The doors have two distinct designs. One is made with vertical elements, while the other is made with a delicate triangular joint. They are available in various shades, from deep black with gray shades to dark brown with black, gray, or light brown shades.
Each piece is custom made which allows us to satisfy the specific tastes and needs of each customer. Drawing on the available colors, we can design and evaluate different combinations to create unique pieces according to your personal taste.


Selēnē – Moonspace

A design based on the expressiveness of form and material and on what it is able to communicate; to perceptions, sensations and emotions. The result of a research that comes to life from the past both in materials and in technique: nature and knowledge are thus intertwined over time, telling the story of these elements in a temporal fragment.


Measures: L 100 x P50 x H158 cm 1 door

DECORATED fossil wood sideboard

The delicate veins and shades of fossil oak blend with a special painting technique of the past, egg tempera, (a technique of the Italian fifteenth century handed down thanks to the “Book of Art” by Cennino Cennini -1370-1440). In a sort of abstract painting, different elements coexist, the fossil oak structure, the door and the painted internal parts. Finally, the disc positioned externally invades the space becoming a handle, backlit by a soft light appears as a silent celestial body, in an imaginary eclipse. Abstraction and emotion, overcome the barriers of time.

Available in three shades.



The beauty of recovered and enhanced fossil woods dress the rooms with furnishings that reflect the boundary between natural and thoughtful forms. Pelia represents this border: the exchange between man and nature. Human feeling portrayed in sensations and perceptions, put in contact with an outside: the environment. Natural elements that change with time, each season gives a skin to the wood and man changes inextricably with it.


Measures: L100 x W51 x H120 cm

Sideboard in fossil wood and metal/Gold Foil 

Pelia gives shape to this process of mutation, a symbiosis suggested by geometric shapes where the material itself is its memory. Geometric elements that tell its story, where a past made up of millennia, sun and light is written, and a present enclosed within an expression. The trapezoids on the doors and the two metal plates make the piece of furniture original and precious. The two doors close a single compartment, inside which there is a tempered glass shelf and two solid wood drawers with dovetail joints.



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