Contain the essential

Contain the essential



The structure and doors are made from Fossil Oak. The triangular feet reflect the same design and size as the triangular doors. The shelf is 1cm thick tempered glass.
The finishing is water based oil with beeswax.


L 240 x P52 x H62 cm 4 doors
L180 x P52 x H 62 cm 3 doors

teúkhō  trigono cabinet

Fossil Oak Cabinet

Upon opening the doors the inside lights up.
The doors have two distinct designs. One is made with vertical elements, while the other is made with a delicate triangular joint. They are available in various shades, from deep black with gray shades to dark brown with black, gray, or light brown shades.
Each piece is custom made which allows us to satisfy the specific tastes and needs of each customer. Drawing on the available colors, we can design and evaluate different combinations to create unique pieces according to your personal taste.

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