The fossil oak

A precious wood that nature
has preserved for millennia

Fossil Oak, is a unique material in the world that we naturally find in particular river sites. Its physical and aesthetic characteristics give rise to elements with a unique design and a strong character.
All of this without cutting down a single tree. We search for what nature has kept for thousands of years to give it a new life.

An extraordinary, durable and eco-sustainable material.

The mostly moist, gravelly and clayey, deep and fertile soils that usually lie above groundwater are the most suitable habitats for the growth of the oak forest.

Variations in the water in the ground, floods, are all conditions that particularly favor the growth of this noble tree, especially near rivers. In its winding course, a river often erodes the banks covered with these forests, nearby trees fall into the river and are washed away into the water. When the trunk is trapped by its branches and roots in the river bed, over time it becomes covered with layers of sediment, sand and gravel. Thus deprived of oxygen, the wood begins the slow process of fossilization that lasts thousands of years. No more ordinary wood, not fossil stone yet, but an extremely hard and robust material that can still be worked by expert hands.


From these treasures comes the magic of Teúkhō’s design.

The sustainable beauty of being.

Today we know that all the beautiful things we buy inevitably have an environmental cost.

Teúkhō, on the other hand, is ECO-SUSTAINABLE in its DNA: we are proud to say that for our design items and furniture, no trees have ever been felled. Nevertheless, we are pleased to have in our catalog unique, precious essences, with pigmentations and textures that are impossible to imitate with industrial processes on traditional woods.

Our woods have an age certification, tested with the Carbon-14 system, which allows us to place the essences in the different historical periods in which the tree lived. The oldest woods, which take on a brown / dark gray color, can date back to 8000 years ago.


A noble wood

The Abonos oak wood, formerly known as fossil marsh oak, has been the protagonist in numerous masterpieces of man today handed down to history as a heritage of humanity. Appreciated in the Tudor period for its dark shade, fossil oak was used for example to build the throne of Peter the Great, in the construction of Venetian palaces (which live and resist on the seawater!) And even in the bedroom of Louis XIV, the Sun King.

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