The philosophy of being

The philosophy of being

The Table


This table, with its contemporary lifestyle design, preserves the unique grain from each individual block of wood.  The wood’s color has been beautifully modified by the passage of time. The edges of the two boards that comprise the table retain their original form, highlighting thousands of years of natural aging.


Sizes: 280 x 115 cm H 75 cm

teúkhō parmenide table

Fossil Oak Table

A true collector’s piece, each individual table boasts a unique design. The Parmenide tables are in fact crafted from single trees, that have been specially worked to highlight the original profile of the wood. They are assembled using a special resin and flush surface processing. In addition, the wood is treated with water based oil beeswax, which does not alter the original color, and which is suitable for contact with food. The base consists of a painted metal body and a transparent crystal leg, which imparts a sense of lightness and charm to the whole table.

Upon request, is it possible to provide a carbon dating certificate C14  to identify the period in which the tree lived.
Few can boast of the possibility of owning a piece of furniture made with wood dating back thousands of years.


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